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Historical Data Calculation of Calculator outputs

Question asked by Geethu_John on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by Hallett_German

Hi all ,


Has anyone faced discrepancies in values/outputs of calculators, when historical view is taken and  resolution is increased?

Suppose I have a metric in Investigator :


Say MethodA - The ART values for 8 data points are 0,0,0,3044,0,0,3132,2942.

I created a simple sum calculator out of this which will in turn give me the same value.

I created a java-script calculator to average the response time of MethodA and MethodB which will have a different data set. Suppose MethodB ART is always zero , then java script calculator should be giving me the same output as MethodA ART.


So I have three graphs now. MethodA , Simple Calculator and Javascript Calculator.


If I click on historical view and set the resolution as 1 minute , the above 8 data points will be averaged to 2 points. But the values of those 2 data points in the all the three graphs are different.

(According to me, it should be giving me the same output).


Method A gives - 3044 and 3037 -------> (3044/1 and (3132+2942)/2). Here , only those data points > 0 are considered for average calculation , which makes sense.


Simple Calculator - 3044 and 3132 ( Here it considers the data point which has the maximum value )


Java script calculator - 761 and 1519 ( Here it just takes all the points and divide by 4. (0+0+0+3444)/4 and (0+0+3132+2942)/4.





Am I missing anything ? Or this is how calculators behave when historical values are taken?