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LDAP Query with filter based on Child attribute

Question asked by MichielHelder Champion on Dec 22, 2015
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Hi all,


I was hoping someone can help us with an LDAP query we are stuck on. I'm at a customer which has an LDAP with a (custom) customer object with a (custom) child object holding certificate information. We want to build an LDAP query where we can filter on a certificate CN or DN which we get from the client certificate in the session. The CN and DN are both attributes in the child certificate object. Once filtered we need to return the customer ID, which is an attribute of the customer object), in a variable. But we are having trouble formulating a query which filters on the child attribute while we actually filter the customer parent object.


customer object  - customer ID

                           - customer name

                           - ... etc

                           - customer certificate object    - certificate DN

                                                                           - certificate CN

                                                                           - ... etc


I hope this is something simple, but we have limited knowledge of LDAP queries and so far Google also hasn't been very helpful.