Custom event monitoring requirement - CAUIM

Discussion created by ArunSharma4 on Dec 24, 2015

Hi All,


We have a requirement in our environment and we want to set monitoring for this, below is the scenario:


We have 23 servers which works as a group to serve one service and each and every server checks for it's peers availability and in case any of the server removed from the group an event will be generated at all the other servers available in the group. Now the problem here is that for that particular removed server we receive 22 different alerts from all other servers and a respective incident.


The message would be like "server 'abc' removed from the cluster group." and the message will be same at all the servers. Now what we want to achieve here that in-spite of 22 different alerts from different 22 servers we want a one single alert and one single alert for this. Keeping in mind that we are bound not to remove the event monitoring from any of the server.


Does anyone have idea how we can achieve this.