Solution to "Sync'ed 0 users of total XXXX Users"

Discussion created by gmmurguia on Dec 23, 2015

CA PPM Tuesday tips: Tips on having a successful Jaspersoft Installation




I just wanted to publish the solution given by the support team (yay!), which is very similar to the one that Nika_Hadzhikidi proposed (thank you Nika!):


1- In CSA, under Reporting, create a new organization and update the username with superuser. (not sure why it has to be superuser here, but it actually works)


2- Run the command to create the keystore.

      admin jasper keystore

      and copy files...


3- Delete previous organization in Jaspersoft.


4- admin content-jaspersoft csk –userName superuser -password superuser


5- Create and Update Jaspersoft Users... job


And... that's it, this time I had my users created in Jaspersoft since step 4, and in step 5 all my users with the Advaced Reporting rights were sync'ed


As a hint... I remember that during my first configuration, in step 4 I didn't see my users being created in Jasper... so maybe at that point it's better to follow the previous steps.