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HTTPS Server Setup -- How Do?

Question asked by GillFryetheITGUY on Dec 24, 2015

I'm trying to set this up:


https server how do.PNG


I see instructions here for what you do, but I'm mildly confused on the wording: Using an HTTP/S Proxy Server - DevTest Workstation - DevTest Solutions - 9.0 - CA Technologies Documentation


I am going to ask my questions  INLINE in another color. I copied the instructions from the wiki page below.


If you are using a plain HTTP proxy server or an SSL-secured HTTP proxy server, define that proxy server and any hosts to exclude in the file in LISA_HOME.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the host where DevTest Workstation is installed. <-- Can I assume by default that this means I can push traffic to the VSE through a proxy?
  2. Navigate to LISA_HOME.
  3. If does not exist, copy and save the copy as (without the underscore).
  4. Open for edit and locate the section header for either HTTP Proxy Server or HTTPS Proxy Server, depending on whether your proxy server uses plain HTTP or is SSL-secured.
  5. Identify your proxy server by FQDN or IP address and port:
    • For an HTTP server, use the and lisa.http.webProxy.port properties
    • For an HTTPS server, use the and lisa.http.webProxy.ssl.port properties
  6. Identify any hosts to exclude from going through your proxy server: <-- what does this mean?
    • For an HTTP server, use the lisa.http.webProxy.nonProxyHosts property
    • For an HTTPS server, use the lisa.http.webProxy.ssl.nonProxyHosts property
  7. Verify that you removed the comment symbols in front of the properties.
  8. Save the file and exit.



From the side where the HTTPS proxy server is... What do I need to do with that since this doesn't use IIS? do I need LISA installed there as well?