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Jaspersoft Report Security Joins

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Robert Ensinger

Hi all. I thought I'd start the question here where we all can see the answers instead of opening a ticket where only I can see the answer.


I love the Jaspersoft Report Development Guide. I look forward to seeing this content rolled into the product wiki.


Page 39 provides a sample data warehouse security join for Investments.

Q 1: What is the 'CA Approved' data warehouse security join for Resources off of dwh_res_security?

Q 2: If building against the CA PPM Bean, what are the recommended transactional database Investment and Resource Security joins (dwh_inv_security_v and dwh_res_security_v)?


If this already exists in documentation, my apologies I've tried - please point me at it. If not, this is a great spot to get this formalized to keep us moving forward while this makes its way back into the documentation.