Tech Tip: CA Single Sign-On :: Policy Server :: CA Remote Engineer 3.0 for SSO (siteminder)

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Summary: CA Remote Engineer simplifies the process of collecting diagnostic information for CA Support. CA Remote Engineer helps streamline the collection and delivery of log, configuration, and OS information for core CA Single-Sign-On Policy Server issues running on Red Hat, Solaris, & Windows.  There is also an option for collecting some agent information.


The objectives of the CA Remote Engineer tool are to simplify the data capture of diagnostic information and streamline the time required to gather the correct information. 




  • For clients running releases R12.52 SP2 and above, CA Remote Engineer 3.0 is shipped as part of the policy server.  It can be found here: <SiteMinder_Home>\RemoteEngineer
  • For clients running releases R12.52 SP1 and below, CA Remote Engineer 2.0 can be downloaded from this location
  • For detailed documentation and a description of the CA Remote Engineer fields, please see the "How To" documentation, "How To" video (5 minute), or README.txt located here


Knowledgebase article to bring awareness to the tools ability: 


  • Remote Engineer is self contained
  • Does not change system settings or registry

Information gathered  and logs collect:

  • Gathering OS specific information
  • Third party version info Java/ODBC ….
  • Network mount points
  • Siteminder reg or windows registry information
  • SiteMinder logs
  • Siteminder config folder
  • Siteminder ODBC config folder
  • SiteMinder APS config file
  • Network connections


Run tools: Execute the appreciate commands from the /remoteengineer home folder:

    • RemoteEngineer.cmd           (For Windows Graphical interface)
    •                (For UNIX Graphical Interface *)
    • re.cmd                                                 (For Windows Command Line)
    •                                        (For Unix/Linux Command line)


Product name select: Siteminder


When completed upload .ZIP file to the issue