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Why Query Search Server of snmpcollcter probe perform and then device added to UMP inventory ?

Question asked by dokyun on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by dokyun

I want to monitoring network of Server(Linux Server , Windows Server) use snmpcollector probe

so installed robot to linux server(hostname:RHEL6.5 , robotname : RHEL6.5 , net-snmp install , firewall stop , selinux disabled) and then performed SNMP discovery to UMP discovery wizard

added RHEL6.5 that type is Virtual Server  to UMP inventory

and then perfomed query search server use snmpcollector probe to admin console


thereafter added another rhel6.5 that type is device to UMP inventory

and cpu,disk,memory, etc monitoring data displayed RHEL6.5  that type is Virtual Server

but monitoring data for snmpcollector probe displayed rhel6.5 that type is device


I want to display monitoring data, just one RHEL6.5 that type Virtual Server


Please help me