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After upgrading to V14.2, one of our custom script is not ruuning.

Question asked by sparc.helpdesk on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by navzjoshi00

There is a custom script that is running to update the various project stages.


This custom script is running through a process job. After upgrading our Clarity V14.2 from V13.3, we are facing this issue.

When we checked the processes log, we see the below two error messages:

"Error in sending mail to id and error is ERROR: null:232:154: <em:email> Property 'attach' has no write method"

"BPM-0545: An error occurred when executing custom action."


Is it something related to the format of the EMAIL tag(if, in case if has been changed in Clarity V14.2) or is it possible that, something has gone wrong in the script?



Soumya P behalf of SPaRC Helpdesk.