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Account Template Creation Example

Question asked by Laxman_v on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by Sajidkhan1310831

CA IDM Verison 12.6.6

                    I am new bee to CA IDM.

I have done the CA IDM installation    ( CA Directory,CA IDM,CA Provisioning Directory,CA Provisioning Server) all in one Server.




User Store : MSSQL Server

        Imported the neteAuto Sechema




Endpoint :  Active directory

              Lets say my User container in AD is



From the CA IDM User Console i have created the "Active Directory"  Endpoint

Endpoints-->Manage Endpoints-->Create Endpoint

        Not sure the connection is successful or not. Not sure how to perform the connection testin.g


Now during the Account Template creation i am not exactly sure  how to enter details in the Account Container.


Default value:

Account Container  ADSContainer=Users,EndPoint=<ADS Endpoint>,Namespace=ActiveDirectory,Domain=im,Server=Server

User Accounts Filter  eTGlobalUserName=*


In my case what would be Account Container would be?   Because when i select Browse i am not getting any values from the search.  I am not sure the endpoint i created is making successful connection or not.

what should be in User Accounts filter   ?


Any help on this is really appreciated. Example with screenshot would be really help me to understand.



And there is any end to end document/knowledge base is avaibale just for Active Directory setup ?