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What's Workstation doing when its startup takes long time?

Question asked by Masami SHIRASAWA on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by Masami SHIRASAWA



My Workstation takes so long time to start. It takes 15 seconds or so between the log messages below.

[DEBUG] [Workstation.Alert] new ThornhillAlert - 1,448,525,399,392 Console Summary Alert

(15 seconds)

[DEBUG] [Workstation.Feature] Saw Feature --> introscope.enterprisemanager.recordtype.fixedMapping.72 <--


Tcpdump shows 9Mbytes data transfer between EnterpriseManager.5001 and Workstation.*, and it takes 15 seconds because the  network transfer rate is limited to 5Mbps.


What's Workstation transferring?

Is it possible to reduce this time in other way to expand the network bandwidth?