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Access rights to Status report

Question asked by urmas on Jan 5, 2016
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Just wondering again...

Looking at the subobject rights and the consistency in them eg Task

The Global rights where the description includes the word Task are

While the OBS rights are

Note that there is no rights called Task Create or Edit Task. Further there is no navigation rights

as there is no system wide Task list view  the Task list being a page in the project layout.

The View Tasks rights includes condition to the master object

Allows user to view tasks for a project. This right is dependent on Project - View Base being granted.


That is fine and users eventually learn that even if they did not start with PMW, but jumped on in Niku or Clarity.


Status report is also a suboject of the project object and it comes with the CA provided PMO add in.

The Global access rights are

Note that firstly there is no mention of the master object project and secondly those rights include page navigation.

So those rights are not limited to the project which the user has access

Status report list is also a page in the project layout and there is no system wide Status Report page

(unless I have missed that) which gives a limit. That is unless you have Status Report portlets which by pass that.



The OBS rights to Status Reports are

Now these are clearly limited to the subojects within a specific Project master object and thus restricted

to the projects to which the user has rights.


Are the Global Status Report access rights working as designed or is there a mishap in the naming and functionality?


asks "Burned once"