zIIP exploitation on an ADS-heavy CV .... analysis

Discussion created by ChrisHoelscher on Jan 5, 2016
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when z/IP exploitation was first introduced in R17, the biggest concern was that a user-code (ADS or DC-COBOL) heavy CV would not fare as well with z/IIP exploitation enabled, and perhaps would even suffer under z/IIP exploitation


our worst fears were confirmed in one CV (62) where TCB usage increased 10% due to z/iip restrictions and the massive number of swaps (at times over 10K per TRANSACTION


over the IDMS releases, due to the modification (fixes) and z/IIP policy changes, I can report that during a trial period I can report the following:


wthout zip

50K tasks/day

0.020 total cpu/task (all TCB)

no swaps (obviously)


with zip:

same 50K tasks/day

0.022 total cpu/task

0.005 TCB cpu/task

0.017 SRB cpu/task (ziip)

2K+ swaps/ transaction


every CV is different, and every day is different fror a given CV


but I am confident in saying that in OUR environment, z/IIP exploitation  has led to a definite and measurable billable cpu reduction in ALL our environments