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WebServices Monitoring

Question asked by Karthik Nalliyappan on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Karthik Nalliyappan

Hello Community,


There is a requirement from customer to monitor WebServices on their application. I have copied the WebServicesAgent.jar and BoundaryOnlyTrace.jar to /core/ext folder and also added spm.pbl to directives property in profile file.


I can also see in Autoprobe.log that WebServices.pbd is being loaded and no errors about incorrect directive. There is no error in Agent.logs as well.


Customer has invoked webservices call but I am not seeing any metrics data for WebServices in investigator. Is there anything else we need to do?


The application is "IBM Sterling Order Management" where they have JAX-WS Web Services. I hope APM agent can monitor JAX-WS. Has anyone got any experience on monitoring JAX-WS or IBM sterling application?