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The "&" character is screwing me up

Question asked by Allison.nichols on Jan 6, 2016
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We have a process which takes some information from a project (team and tasks) and copies it to a new project.  There's a custom script that runs in the Actions. The script takes the *new* project info ("<gel:parse var="ProjectXML">"), inserts the old project's team and tasks, and then writes it to the new project. 


The problem is that if the NEW project has a "&" in the name, then it's getting screwed up by the process.  If "R&D 2106" is the new project, for example, it's becoming "R&amp;D 2016".  HOW DO I CORRECT THIS?


I've tried replacing the "&" in the SQL query with "&amp;" (which is what I do in MailMerge for xogging, according to my notes, but I have no idea why), but that only adds another "amp;" in there.  (In other words, instead of "select name" I tried "SELECT REPLACE(name, CHAR(38), CHAR(38)+'amp;')".)