Tip: Filter Team lists to hide old/finished allocations

Discussion created by L.Elias Champion on Jan 6, 2016
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Figured I'd throw this out there in case anyone else came across needing this.

Background: Previously we have always used Default Allocation % to manage/set resource allocations, and when the resource was finished on an investment we set the default to 0. Recently, it was decided (for various reasons) that this did not work for us (essentially, changing default allocation changes historical allocation data not just future, making it impossible to measure historical allocations vs actuals which we are now measuring for variance, unless I'm missing something). In the past we would use the Zero Allocation yes/no filter field to hide any investments the resource was done on since the allocation was now 0. This no longer works, and I found no obvious way to filter this out using default fields/filters


Solution: Building on the solution found in the thread RE: Re: Use sysdate(current date) in datediff function of 'calculated I created a new calculated attribute with the formula:


This sets the new attribute to  0 if the allocation finish date is in the future, and 1 if it is in the past. However, there is a caveat. If the allocation finish is not changed and matches the investment finish, the allocation finish field is left empty/null. For instances where the dates are in the past, the formula still calculates out to 0. I'm getting around this by adding a virtual attribute to the Team object for the Progress attribute of Investment, and filtering out Completed investments (which honestly, I'm surprised we weren't already doing)


Still testing this out but so far I haven't found any other deal breakers. I've added the field to the Project Team and Resource Allocation list pages/filters, and so far its working well. I see no reason it wouldn't work on any other Team based list portlets