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MS Project Interface - "Unknown exception received from server" when saving

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Dale_Stockman

Interesting scenario, CA PPM 14.2:


  • Two users, with different rights (A:global access to edit all projects; B:edit access to his own project)
  • Project X consists of itself and a child project, where
    • The child project has two parents (Project X and Project Y)
    • User B is the project manager of both Project X and Project Y
    • User B has edit access to his own projects
    • User B does not have edit access to the child project
  • User A opens parent Project X from CA PPM into MSP - edits, saves, closes - all works fine
  • User B opens parent Project X and receives a "you can't edit Project X (his own project!), do you want to open as read-only?" message
    • User B hits yes, the parent and child project open
    • Of course, User B can edit Project X once in MSP
    • But, when saving back to CA PPM, user gets the "Unknown exception received from server" message
    • Perhaps we should have expected this, since we got the "you can't" message, earlier, and continued to open as 'read-only'
    • But, he has access to edit his own project, why did he get the "you can't" message for his own project and not for the child project, which would have been the correct message?
  • OK, we close everything and start over
  • User B then disconnects the child project from the hierarchy
    • User B opens Project X from CA PPM to MSP - edits, saves, closes - all works fine!
    • This will be our workaround, for now!  (Another workaround might be to give User B the same global rights as User A, to edit all projects (or at least those in same OBS hierarchy)
    • When complete, User B reconnects the child project
  • Also of note:  When user A or B opens parent Project X in Clarity Gantt, both can edit Project X, save changes, as expected, with or without child project attached - works perfect!


Question 1:  Why does this work perfect using Clarity Gantt, and fails miserably using MSP Interface?

Question 2:  Is this a known issue with 14.2 interface version with fix identified in 14.3?