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Problem using utilities "caitpamwscli.cmd" - Error "Files was unexpected at this time"

Question asked by IvoLages on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by MWNiebuhr

Hello, Good morning all


we need to call/start a PAM process via cmd (included on a perl script), and we are trying to use the utilities caitpamwscli.cmd ...
although, the output of this command is:


"Files was unexpected at this time".


The command structure we are using is:


caitpamwscli.cmd" /i user=xxxx password=xxxx uri=https://<pam_machine_url>:443/itpam/soap version=3.0 action=startProcess processName="/Testing/Interfaz_EPI"


NOTE: this PAM is configured with HTTPS, and we already did the keystore import ...


any idea?