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Need to use Portal (DT 8,5), but we are lost. where did my new service go? help..

Question asked by sdetweil2 on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by Anand_AK_Kameswaran

So, we opened Portal for the first time, cause we want to use a data driven service..


Hm.. this isn't so straight forward..



You can only ADD a DD signature to a service..  you cannot CREATE a DD service and signature at the same time..


Ok,  Create project.. good it shows in the /DT/projects folder


hm.. create service, well, can't record, so lets use RR pairs.. 

   that was easy.. service deployed (checked thru manage).. nice..


Now, lets add the DD signatures..


  wait.. my service isn't listed in the services..

  and its not in my project folder (selected as the current project top right)..


hm.. search my C: drive, find it in the temp appdata folder..


'ok' (but not).. this is like editing a word doc before you press save.. got store it someplace..

but how do you press 'save' on the new service, that window is gone, and there was no save button..


the online help doesn't say ANYTHING about any of this process.. for portal.. actually for portal, there is really NO useful help..


so, what IS the process for getting the newly created service into my newly created project,   so I can continue on with the editing process?


two guys stumped..