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Subpage Display conditions - Possible bug and facts

Question asked by DaniPerez on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by DK_Winmill

I have a problem with display condition in subpages of a custom object (Object: myobject | Partition: mypartition | View: General | Mode: Edit - Property Layout).


In brief, some subpages entries are not displayed in the page menu though conditions are valid, furthermore depending of the order of subpages and its conditions, we can have different results such as displaying all entries or missing those subpages with conditions based in lookup values.



1st subpage with condition based in partitioned attribute and fixed value or  from a lookup(all entries displayed)

1st subpage with a tricky condition true 1==1 (missing subpages with condition based in attribute and value from a lookup)

1st subpage with a check User group condition (missing subpages with condition based in attribute and value from a lookup)


It is very easy to see what is happening looking at the following screenshots:






From the sqltrace clarity log extract I couldn't see the cause, but i'll continue checking it..

Any idea?


(it was tested in Clarity v13.3)


On the other hand, despite the symptoms of following CA KB are quite different, i think both issues could have a common root cause:


Clarity: When the display condition of a subpage is impossible to be met, consequent subpages with display conditions that are met are not shown


Document ID:  TEC616505

Last Modified Date:  9/4/2014





Targeted to be resolved in the next release, Dansborg