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Question asked by EricoDellaVallePrezzi76043714 on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by EricoDellaVallePrezzi76043714

Using WSP, we made a custom "zAmbiente" Table and a SREL attribute "zAmbiente" on the NR object.This adaptation has worked and is being used on our environment.


Now we are trying to make a report using Designer / WebI to list all CIs and their zAmbiente attributes.


First, we created a custom universe listing the "NR" and "zAmbiente" objects.

We enabled "ANSI92" and "SORT_JOINS_BY_QUERY_OBJECTS" on that universe as stated on


After applying the relationship between the 2 objects (screenshot1), we looked at the result query on WebI (screenshot2).

The problem is that the left join does not seem to be working, as the result lists all CIs and all zAmbientes - the ON clause does not work.


We tried hardcoding the left join SQL in several ways, and none of them seemed to be working as intended. We want the report to show the CI, even if it does not have any zAmbiente related to it (hence the left join being used).

Any ideas on how to make that report work?


My guess would be that CABI works with SDM's object layer and not its database, so the query passed is understood as Majic not pure SQL.