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baseline.db questions

Question asked by JordanRose on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by JordanRose

Hi all,  I have a question about the baseline.db file. I see in the doc that the file should rarely exceed 2 GB yet almost all of ours are in the 4.5 GB range. I see a formula to determine the size it should be, but it requires me to find out exactly how many front ends/back ends on each collector. That seems like a lengthy process (we have 520 agents across 9 collectors). My questions: Can this file size impact performance? Is there a way to clean it up without loosing all of our baseline data? Does the baseline.db file have any age limit settings? (We are on version 9.7.0 in prod.... In UAT we are at v 10.1 and I can see some expiration settings).