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CA PPM 14.3 change sslEnabledProtocols

Question asked by ykrao on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

Hi All,


We have recently upgrade our DEV environment to 14.3. SSO URL is stopped working.


We use https url , out SSO server supports only TLSv1 but it looks clarity 14.3 default is using TLSv1.2..


We changed sslEnabledProtocols value to TLSv1 in Connector tag


But still some where it is still referring TLSv1.2.


Please suggest how to use only TLSv1..


Errors: SSLv2Hello is disabled

http-nio-8043-exec-35, SEND TLSV1.2 ALERT: fatal, description = unexpected_message

http-nio-8043-exec-35, WRITE: TLSv1.2, length = 2

http-nio-8043-exec-35, fatal: engine already closed. Rethrowing SSLv2Hello is disabled

http-nio-8043-exec-35, clled closeoutbound()

http-nio-8043-exec-35, closeoutboundInternal()