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Why is ETC not showing up as Remaining Work in MSP?

Question asked by BrandonW on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by BrandonW

Wondering if anyone has seen this issue before.  When we create a new project in Clarity (from estimation template) and then open the project in MSP the ETC and Remaining Work are not even close to the same number.

For example I have a new project that was just activated in Clarity and it has 949 hours of ETC. When I open this plan in MSP it shows 11 hours of Remaining Work.

Here is the strange part, in MSP if I look at the Task Usage view  I can see all of the Work (949 hours) on the tasks but the hours are not rolling up to the assigned role.  If I open the task in MSP and make a change to almost any field (Work, Work Contour, Start Date….) and save the change the hours will now roll up to the assigned role and be included in the Remaining Work field.  Once you have done this to every task and save the plan back to Clarity the problem will no longer exist when opening the plan in MSP.

This issue is 100% reproducible on every new project we start from Clarity. 

We are using Clarity On Demand 14.2, MSP 2010, and Legacy drivers for MSP plugin.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.