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Multicast on Network not Activated - Consequences ?

Question asked by David_Marchal_CoPrime on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by GiriK

Hi everyone,


This is a first for me : one of my clients have their multicast mode deactivated on their network (this is a default configuration).

Their architecture is : Clarity 14.2, Oracle 11.2, RHEL 6.x (x2).


During installation, I used the new feature "Add Hostfile" to see the other server from the 1st one.

No problem for the system part : I could see the servers (admin tower > refresh > list clients) and distribute the code.


In the end, I made the same operation on the 2nd one (started temporarily the service nsa) to be sure the other server "sees" the first one too.


My questions are :

- Is it enough for the application part (app, bg, beacon) and the cache / process management ?

- Is Clarity app enable to "contact" the other app through "Hostfile" list ?

- Or does it still use the "Multicast Address" even if the other server was entered manually ?


My client is kind of reluctant to activate multicast on his network.

First, I replied that it was mandatory, but now I'm not so sure with the "Add Hostfile" feature.


Thx in advance guys,