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Scenario to handle optional elements in VSI.

Question asked by sandb8_b on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Monika Mehta

We have below requirement and I am sure this is explained before in the section where optional arguments are handled, but I am struggling to implement this..I have put this in better way with the actual scenario I have come across please help me out team.


Incoming request has below arguments coming in as set 1 or set 2 ..If customer has multiple email and address then there might be more than set 2 combinations, I need to do signature match based on arguments but I don't have clue on what combinations might come..basically address and email are optional elements, so my vsi need to handle exact match for any combination coming from incoming request and I don't want to sit and create list of transactions for every combination.

Set1 - EmailAddrRequest and CustAddrRequest


Set2 - EmailAddrRequest_1 and CustAddrRequest_1

Set2 - EmailAddrRequest_2 and CustAddrRequest_2