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SDM 14.1.02 - Maileater - No values in Notification Phrase variables

Question asked by J_W on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by J_W

I have this open as a Support Case, but I think more eyes on the issue may help resolve this.  I hope I just fat fingered something.


SDM 14.1.02 installed as one Primary and One secondary on Windows 2008 R2 and local SQL 2008 R2.


Setting up Inbound Email to create tickets and replies to customer.


ISSUE:  Email replies only have the plain text of the Success Text and Notification Phrases and none of the ticket / phrase values.




1. Inactivated the default Mailbox provided OOTB and then copied it as a new mailbox named 'Inbound'.

2. Set Mailbox details to match the local email server using IMAP4.

3. Modified an existing Mailbox Rule in the 'Inbound' mailbox to create a new Incident from the email and apply TextAPI defaults for location and category..  For the Reply Success -> Success Text field I am using:


Thank you for submitting your request.



4. Save the Mailbox Rule and 'Inbound' Mailbox.

5. Activated the OOTB Notiifcation Phrases:  IncidentURL and IncidentReply.

6. Activated the 'Inbound' Mailbox.

7. Restarted SDM Services.

8. Sent an email to the inbound email mailbox.  A ticket is created as expected.

9. A reply is sent to the customer.  Here is the reply the customer sees:



Subject: Service Desk Incident Response


Thank you for submitting your request.

Click on the following URL to view:


In order to add a comment to your Incident, just reply to this email or include the line below (on a line by itself).




It almost appears that the email is sent before the ticket is created and the variables can be queried.