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Integrating MSAD with API Portal

Question asked by manth08 Employee on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by manth08

Hi guys,


I followed the documentation to integrate the MSAD with the Portal and I was not really successfull on that. I created the LDAP Identity Provider, Installed the API Portal Authentication and Management Service on the Gateway configured the Auth Plugin, and enabled the authentication. The LDAP Test Connection plugin is successfull when I test it with a LDAP service user.

But it still seems that I`m missing something since I`m not able to login to the CMS Portal with any user from the LDAP.


Am I missing something?



My question is, how can I use a existing LDAP group and set it as Administrator to log in the CMS and the Portal?


Or do I need to export the internal user and group as a template to the LDAP directory and set the group from there to be able to login?


Thanks in advance