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Tomcat agent monitoring

Question asked by Fred.K on Jan 13, 2016
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I have users designing applications on WebSphere and Tomcat looking for more Tomcat metrics. In particular jdbc connection pool exhaustion, abandoned connections alike the Websphere (CloseCount, PercentUsed, FreePoolSize and so on). Furthermore, if you want to set alerts across many Tomcat jdbc pools irrespective of the maxThread value you desperately need the % used.


First challenge: when I look at the current pbd, it appears that the Tomcat 7 default factory org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.DataSourceFactory is not instrumented (


Alternate challenge: I enabled JMX, but my lack of experience with JMX configuration stops me from limiting the metrics to only what is needed (for now).

I see some (I guess could become a lot) of duplication (sort of). In our case we set the resource at the top level, so the jdbc pool metrics appear under each application context regardless if jdbc is used or not.

e.g. only mytestapp uses jdbc


Furthermore I am not sure about each of these JMX. Has anyone found a good source of information that explains it specifically for Tomcat?


If only CA would finally address this New JMX Integration/Framework for Java Agent 


Has anyone given some thought about this topic and come up with some nifty solutions (updated agent's tomcat.jar or pbd)?


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