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Virtualize TIBCO ESB

Question asked by karthik_vsk on Jan 13, 2016


In the above scenario, i need to virtualize TIBCO ESB. currently i have the ESB team to setup proxy queues and bridging them so i can access the queue from LISA to publish and receive messages.  I have created a test to publish & subscribe messages from the queue from LISA. Based on the messages captured, I will create a Virtual Image using the RR pairs and then create model file.


My question is, When ESB is virtualized, application A will expect some Queue name to send messages, how can i set up a queue in the LISA VSE that i can give it to application A to configure, so A can send messages to Virtual ESB?

Should I install TIBCO EMS in the LISA Server and create queues locally and call it as LISA queues ?

Anyone has attempted to virtualize the ESB itself ?

Please advice.