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First time USS

Question asked by sudip.bhowmik on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by jmayer

Architecture: CA Service Desk 14.1 conventional configuration (one primary and one secondary) running on Windows 2008 and remote DB running on Solaris-Oracle 11gr2. It is an upgraded test environment from 12.9.


Installed USS yesterday pointing to the same DB Server.


Now I got few questions about USS configurations:


1. ca_contact has all the production data however I can't find them through USS. can't login. Only CASMADMIN can login. I read about synchronizing the contacts in USS documents but I don't find the option to synchronizing them without Catalog and PAM. Our contacts created on daily basis through Service Desk interface not through LDAP import. so how do I synch them?

BTW they got valid email address and userids



2. So in our Service Desk environment we have contacts created manually from the interface and using windows authentication (pass through) folks log into SD. We expect the same type of behavior from USS as well. I would like to know how can I configure SSO without having EEM in place.