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[SCHEMA] z_field marked with " <> " on bop_sinfo command

Question asked by IvoLages on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by IvoLages

Hello, Good Morning !


We're facing a weird situation relative to a "z_ " attribute on our schema.


We create an attribute "z_nombre_tecnico" through WSP (as always), and after the publish, it appears on bop_sinfo command with "<> ":



Although, it appears on cmdb,  but on LOG files, we have the information:

01/15 10:08:42.13 (our_server_name)      domsrvr:02          27796 ERROR        majic.y               2757 Column usp_owned_resource.z_nombre_tecnico for attribute nr.z_nombre_tecnico is not defined in the schema



any idea if this could impact something on the normal behaviour of the Service Desk and CMDB management ?


Greetings in advance,