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Can someone please give me detailed instructions on how the "Check Content of Collection Object" DevTest assertion works?

Question asked by Lisa_H on Jan 14, 2016

Hi all! I am trying to use the check content of collection object assertion.  My collection is like so:


java.util.Collection<HoursOfOperation> collection ......

So a collection of objects of type "HoursOfOperation".
The HoursOfOperation object has a (String) dayOfWeek. Getters and Setters are set in the object.



I would like to see if "Sunday" is one of the dayOfWeek returned in the list of HoursOfOperation objects. I don't care about order or any of that.

I attached a screen shot of what I tried. It seems the "Field to check" option isn't working or I am misunderstanding it's intent.

If I change the collection to just be a list of Strings and check the strings for "Sunday" it works. However, it would be advantageous to be able to check a field on the object.  It seems by reading the limited documentation that this should work.

THANKs in advance for any help!!