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CABI: Internal API error WIS 30270

Question asked by EricoDellaVallePrezzi76043714 on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Kyle_R

I am trying to develop a custom CABI report with 3 queries.


The first one is a simple one with a prompt to ask information to the user.

The second requires a Union of 4 different queries, using the prompt displayed in the first query.

The third one uses the result of the second and make further selections on the records returned previously.


After implementing and testing the first 2 queries, the report works as intended.

When I add a third query with a simple select (select name from nr) I get the following error on my report:


Ocorreu um erro interno ao chamar a API ''.  (Erro: ERR_WIS_30270)

“An internal error occurred while calling the <api_name> API. (WIS 30270)”


I tried troubleshooting the error on the link below but I could not find any solution as the API is not mentioned in the error.

Approaches to Error WIS 30270 troubleshooting - Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) - SCN Wiki


Has anyone been through this?

The report is made on SDM 12.7 / BusinessObjects XI 3.1 / Webi 12.3.0