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Is it needed for the SSG service to be running, to get SNMP working ?

Question asked by vasmu03 Employee on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by Stephen_Hughes

Hello there,


At a customer, we have the Gateway DB (MySQL) on a separate Gateway VM. And, we did not configure Gateway node on that machines, as it is supposed to be the Gateway DB. Now, we would like to monitor basic parameters like CPU, RAM and Disk etc., thru SNMP on that machine. After configuring the SNMP, it doesn't give any response.


Whereas, when I try the same thing on another machine where the Gateway is configured, also the SNMP is configured, it works fine. If I stop the ssg service, and try the snmp command it doesn't work.


So, is it mandatory that the SSG service running, to configure SNMP ? If so, how do we monitor the Gateway DB machines ?


SSG Service Running, and SNMP gives response.

SSG Service stopped, and SNMP doesn't respond


Any inputs would be appreciated!