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Jaspersoft - How to keep together the static and text fields always together?

Question asked by Manisha14 on Jan 18, 2016


I need one help. I have a report with the following structure in 3 different detail bands respectively:


static field 1

text field 1


static field 2

text field 2


static field 3

text field 3


and sometimes (depending on the information present in the database) the static field 3 appears at the end of first page (alone) and the text field 3 at the beginning of the second page.

I wanted this case the "static field 3" to the 2nd page. If I am keeping the band split type as 'prevent', then sometimes (depending on the content preset in the database), static field 3 & Text field 3 comes on the 2nd page but they leave a white empty space in the first page after text field 2.


Please help me to find a solution to keep "static field" and "text field (at least 1st line of the content)" always together.


Thanks in advance,