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How do I redirect back to the originating application after an IDM self registration?

Question asked by BDKing on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by jack.saunders

We have many applications protected by Siteminder (12.52) and using IDM (12.5SP15) to allow users to manage their accounts.

The application have their own URLs like:






When a user attempts to access an application and doesn't have a siteminder/IDM account there is a link (e.g. on the login page to take them to IDM to go through a self registration process.

At the end of the process the user is currently taken to a static "your account has been created" page, and it's up to the user to navigate back to the application they initiated the self registration process from.


What we would like to do is to have that last page in the IDM Self Registration redirect the user back to the application they came from, or at least provide a link back to that application the user could follow.


What is the best way to accomplish this?