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LDAP-CASD Integration

Question asked by mohansrinivas on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by mohansrinivas

Hello All,


CASD 12.7


We got an requirement from regression testing team on LDAP data validation in CASD. They want our Development CASD to be pointed out to test LDAP domain( where they have loaded some contact detail information and would like to validate whether the data(contact information) is getting reflected into DEV-CASD or not from the E-directory once the configuration has been made. I am looking for more detailed information on this since this is my first testing project. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


1.    Currently our DEV environment is configured to other LDAP domain not to If I want to re-configure the LDAP to point to in CASD, whether updating the below parameters (ldap_dn, ldap_host, ldap_port, ldap_pwd, ldap_search_base) based on the new domain information is alone enough to complete the LDAP configuration in CASD.

2.    If not , please specify the remaining steps and also confirm whether the LDAP re-configuration requires application recycle.

3.    From CASD perspective, as per my knowledge to connect to the new LDAP domain, CASD needs LDAP resource account for establishing connection. Please specify if anything else needed from LDAP side requirements.

4.    Is there any command to check the LDAP connection completion.

5.    Once the re-configuration is made, using the “pdm_ldap_import utility” we can import contacts but what will happen to the contacts that already present in CASD.

6.    Please specify if there any backup is needed/what should be taken care of.