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NET Agent support NET Framework 4.5.2 ?

Question asked by Forums Employee on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by Hiko_Davis

Hi all


I am in POC now. Cusotmer has IIS application server running with NET framework 4.5.2. we installed NET agent, install and configuration checked ok.


1. Confirm the .NET agent environment variables are set and have the correct values.

com.wily.introscope.agentProfile=d:\Program Files\CA Wily\Introscope10.1.015\wily\IntroscopeAgent.profile



2. Verify that the correct version of wily.Agent.dll is registered in the Global Assembly Cache (c:\windows\assembly).

3. Check the user account that runs the IIS worker process. Verify that all accounts that the worker process runs under have Full Control permissions on the <Agent_Home> directory.


But after restart IIS and access application, we did not see NET agent in EM, only has the perform collector.  And in logs directory, on autoprobe and agent log for w3wp.


I checked compitible guide that NET agent support NET framework up to 4.5.1. Is this the reason?


Also, there is a BizTalk 2010 server run on the same server,  and customer told us it also NET framework 4.5.2 application. We added its process name BTSNTSvc64.exe in IntrocopeAgent.profile and also addes full control permission to its account for wily directory. But also we only saw a NativeProfiler log in wily log directory, and no agent in EM.


Any suggestion?


thanks advanced.



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