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Using the "Encode to MTOM" Assertion

Question asked by RobC2015 on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by RobC2015

Hi All,


I've been working with the "Encode to MTOM" assertion. I am having trouble getting to the encoded attachment data. This is what is happening:


- I set the target output to a message variable and set the Optimization xPath.

- I run my test and the message encodes with no errors.

- I am able to see there are 2 MIME parts to the message. One MIME part for the soap response (with XOP include) and one MIME part for the attachment.

- When I try ${}, I see the soap response with the XOP include just fine.

- But, when I try ${}, I get "com.l7tech.common.mime.h@421ee1e2". I would expect to see the binary data instead of a reference to the Layer 7 MIME class.

- I am able to try ${}, and the correct size of the data before encode gets returned, so I know the data is there.


Does anyone know how I can get to the encoded attachment data after the MTOM encode?


Thank you.


-Rob C.