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Question asked by SamWalker on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by Stephen_Hughes

Hello All,  We are working through hoops of getting budgets for training this year which is not easy, so I am trying to learn this on my own. Please pardon me for asking such basic stuff and may even be redundant. Appreciate if you can direct me to any pointers in the process.


I have installed and setup a v8.4 gateway with SQL and created a policy manager to administer the gateway. I connect to the Gateway through policy manager using:




I have a RESTful web service which is currently protected by SiteMinder , but I would like to route those API calls through api gateway, where API gateway challenges the user with basic authentication, validates the user through our AD connection(this connection has been created and vertified through policy manager) and upon successful authentication, routes the user to backend service.


For this, I have used: 'publish RESTFUL service proxy with WADL' , chose manual entry as there is no WADL.


second screen:

Service Name :  Test

Resource Base URL:   https://application server host/app/resource/tree

Gateway URI: http://gatewayhost:port/app/resource/tree


Note: Gateway URI is prepopulated with the http://gatewayhost:port/ , I am assuming port means 8443. and the URI is populated based on Resource base URL.Next screen I setup authentication only t certain users and created the service. The Policy is Active.




I goto http://gatewayhost:8443/app/resource/tree

Instead of getting the basic prompt, different browsers behave differently.  IE downloads a file with some junk, in mozilla the same file content, gibberish message is rendered in the browser.


What is the best way for troubleshooting:


My file has the following:



# SecureSpan Gateway logging level configuration



Do I have to use the log sinks?