Tech Tip - CA (Privileged Identity Manager): Reset value while importing SAM Endpoints and Shared Accounts

Discussion created by Toshiyuki_Hatakeyama Employee on Jan 22, 2016

CA (Privileged Identity Manager) Tech Tip by Toshiyuki Hatakeyama, Principal Support Engineer for 22 Jan, 2016


You use the SAM feeder to automate SAM endpoint and shared account management.

It is very helpful tool for importing and updating large number of SAM Endpoints and Shared Accounts.


If you need some field clear,  you can't clear when you set blank at field in feeder csv file.

It remains previous field value.


If you set NULL in the field, you can clear the field.


It does not affect at key field and selected value field, such as  ACTION_TYPE, %FRIENDLY_NAME% or so.