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Data swap by database sql update.

Question asked by cappmfan on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Maddineni

Hi Experts,


I have a customer requirement that basically says, swap data between 2 fields on the Project properties view. Upon analysis it appears that a data swap between database tables is necessary to satisy the requirement.

One of the field is 'manager' that maps to inv_investments.manager_id while the other is a custom field that maps to odf_ca_project.managername.


I believe there are more than one ways to acheive this, but i think a sql update will be the quickest.

I think updating the custom field() should be safe enough.


What i am worried about is updating  inv_investments table. I am thinking that if i can find all relationships that this column participates in, then it's just a case of

updating the value in those related tables.


Thoughts please..