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How to change the Action Item Subject / Description in a proces definition without creating a new process version?

Question asked by GB_Pawel_Krystosiak on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by Patrick_M_Cooper

Dear All,

is there any trick which allows to slightly modify an Action Item's Subject and/or Description without having to create a new process definition version (not to mention re-starting all the running process instances)?

I would like to have flexibility, as we have with Custon Scripts - you simply change it / re-validate and re-activate and it is effective immediately.


I have already tried tinkering with BPM_DEF_STEP_ACTIONS table, but even though I have changed the Subject / Description in the database, Clarity keeps sending the "OLD" version for the Subject / Description. It looks like it is kept somewhere else... but where?


The similiar thing, but maybe I should create a seperate thread for it, is adding / removing fileds to Lock / Unlock in a System Action = Lock / Unlock attributes.


Any suggestions are welcome!