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DOCUMENT_NOT_FOUND - Validation Error when Enable API in CA Portal.

Question asked by skumarcse on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by skumarcse

Hello, I have issue when try to enable API in CA Portal which I created in CA Gateway Client and published. I am getting following Error in Tomcat Log.

01/25 09:07:35.248 ERROR (http-37080-10:) - [general] -- com.thelevel.cms.xmlsources.exceptions.XMLSourceException: com.thelevel.repository.DocumentNotFound: DOCUMENT_NOT_FOUND:repository/META/PUBLISHED/SYSTEM/conf/sitebuilder/packages/layer7/content_types/API/xml_template/validation.xml         at com.thelevel.cms.xmlsources.forms.includes.Validation.getImportRules( Can you help on what is Validation Error means ?