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Secure Proxy Server (Access Gateway) - How is it? What are your lessons learned?

Question asked by JMCColorado on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by CBertagnolli

We have a large SiteMinder (Single Sign-On) infrastructure with thousands of various types of web agents deployed across the enterprise. This can present challenges, specifically when it comes to upgrading in a timely fashion. Because of this, and because there is an effort to consolidate and virtualize datacenters across the enterprise, we are investigating Secure Proxy Server as a more consolidated approach to Web Single Sign-On. It would be much less cumbersome to upgrade several clusters of load-balanced SPS boxes than to try to upgrade thousands of webagents on various platforms across various networks.


I thought it might be helpful to ask l customers who are using SPS what your impressions are?


Is it working for you?

How large is your enterprise? (how many apps? How many FQDNS on your SPS, etc.)

What are its strengths?

What are its weaknesses and/or limitations?

What is your administration model? (Do you delegate administration to application owners, or do the SiteMinder Admins/Ops teams configure the proxy rules?)

How have your upgrades gone?

What problems has it solved?

What problems has it created?


I know this is a long list of questions, but I value the opinions of people who have actually deployed and operated the product, and of those who work with it on a regular basis much more than reading marketing materials.


I would appreciate any imput you can give.