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32 or 64 bit ODBC for niku?

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Robert Ensinger

Hi all.

   Doing some housekeeping on our way to 14.3.


   We're currently on 13.2, Win 2008 64bit against MSSQL 2012 EE 64bit. I observe that the niku ODBC connection on all servers are the 32 bit ODBC connectors - this was required for Business Objects, but as we leave Business Objects behind - should we move to the 64 bit connectors?


   From the 13.2 documentation:



Although there's no mention of 32 v 64 bit, *if* on a 64 Bit server the click path will give you a 64 bit ODBC (you actually have to run odbcad32.exe to get the 32 bit Data Source Administrator).


Is there any performance difference between the 32 & 64 bit ODBC connectors? Should I migrate to the 64 bit connectors?