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Create new CA Service Desk Request using PAM

Question asked by CoenieK on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by camja06

Hi there,

I am would like to fulfil the following requirement from a client:

Service Desk Request ticket is opened using email interface. The contents of the email populates the Description field and that has some values that the technician uses to fulfil the request (in this case it is a new employee request and some of the data that is in the email is the following:

Name, Employee Number, Start Date, Reports to, Mirror Access

If a phone is required the client wants a check box (Phone Req) on the SDM request form that they can select(already in place).  If the checkbox is select and the request status is set to Resolved, a new Request should be created and the following fields from the resolved request should be copied into the new ticket

summary, description (the first line of the description should contain a reference # back to the first request and then the rest of the info from the other ticket), zphonereq (customised field in Service Desk), zmethod (customised field in Service Desk and is a required field on request form)

This new request should be assigned a new category (Phone required) and be assigned to the Network group.

I am familiar with the Service Desk side of things and have created the event, condition an Action macros. I am not familiar with PAM so I am asking for help in achieving the above. If someone has this process that I can just modify it will be appreciated. I believe I can import a process that has been exported and then change the required fields / parameters.

If this question is not relevant to this group or if CA Services should be contacted then please ignore this discussion.