Run Program Operator parameter adds quotes

Discussion created by Brett_Zipkin on Jan 27, 2016
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How can I use the Run Program Operator with a parameter and NOT have it enclose the parameter in quotes on the destination target?


I'm building a process that requires running 2 command line executables on a target machine.  The EXE's take parameters.  I have the agent installed.  I have the touchpoint configured.  When I configure the operator with the program name, working directory and parameter it seems to send the command like this:


"program.exe" "parameter"


instead of


program.exe parameter



The extra set of quotes around the parameter value is causing the wrong response to program.exe.  I tried putting the parameter in the actual program name field but that threw an error.  Any idea?


I'm using the float over functionality in Process Explorer to make the above assumption.  I can't do it with my real exe because it completes too fast but I tested my theory with notepad and here's what I see