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Risks and Issues on Project Status Reports

Question asked by MichelleSergeant82220975 on Jan 28, 2016
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Just wondering if other organisations out there have found a way to pull this information together in the one place.


As you know, the Project Status Reports do not display current Risks and Issues for the Project. And, as the Status Report object is separate to the Risks object and Issues object, I am not able to create a virtual attribute against the Status Report object to bring these across.


Also, as Status Reports are a snapshot in time, it would also be necessary to have snapshots of the Risks and Issues saved against each Status Report so that one could see what the situation was with a project at any given point in time.


I haven't yet tried to write my own NSQL to bring all this together onto one page, as our organisation is trying to keep our Clarity solution as OOTB as possible, for now.


Would be interested to hear if anyone has found a way to pull this info together, without starting from scratch with a new query, portlet, etc, etc.


Please advise.